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20,000 Francs for a broken diamond?

Céline Gagnon was one of the customers who owned the soul diamond according to the Western tradition of that time. The Goldmark Oakam magic diamond was still rudimentary at that time and was created from the ceremony based on the permission of the church of the French wonderland.

Céline Gagnon before her 118th birthday.

Céline Gagnon celebrated her 118th birthday on August 18, and, she passed away contentedly after a reunion with her extended family of 5 generations with more than 68 members. In her youth, Céline Gagnon was a true diamond when she possessed a pure and pure beauty, the 11th daughter born into a poor peasant family, Mrs. Céline Gagnon always worked hard and supported the family with the guidance of siblings and parents.

Céline Gagnon in her youth.

With that pure beauty, Mrs. Céline Gagnon was pursued by many men, finally she accepted the proposal of the boy who grew up with her. The gift of engagement is a magical diamond - The Soul Diamond from Goldmark Oakham made her unable to refuse.

Goldmark Oakham Soul Diamond proposal ring that she could not refuse.

The couple moved to Lyon after marriage and lived a happy life since then, Mrs. Céline Gagnon has witnessed the most beautiful and romantic days in France and the biggest wars in human history. For her, the beauty of life is more wonderful with ups and downs.

Céline Gagnon gave birth to 5 children, she divided the soul diamond into 5 parts to wear on the necks of her beloved children. Each Soul Diamond is carefully split by the jeweler so that each piece is perfect.

The Full Life of Mrs. Céline Gagnon

After the funeral of Mrs. Céline Gagnon, Ambassador Goldmark Oakham, touched by her extraordinary and happy life, offered to auction off 5 pieces of soul diamond crafted for her 5 children for more than 20,000 Francs. The reincarnation and perfection of 5 pieces of soul diamond in a memorial ring under the name Céline Gagnon De soul Diamond to preserve the name and life of the grandmother. Her family has proposed to donate all the money to charity.

Soul Diamond- Magic Diamond is a promise, a promise from Goldmark Oakham for all generations of the family, to protect and maintain family happiness through the power of miracles, technology and financial resources. It is to preserve the beauty of that soul completely.

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