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Philippines Fisherman Finds A $100 Million Dollar Treasure

Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are generally what come to mind when one thinks of a gemstone. Those are all in fact categorized as ‘precious gemstones,’ and there are many other ‘semi-precious gemstones’ such as alexandrite, amethyst, tanzanite, and even pearls!

While pearls are very much adored, they aren’t always immediately recognized as a gemstone when in fact that is exactly what they are. Perhaps the reason for this is that while most gemstones are found beneath the earth’s surface, hidden beneath layers and layers of rock, genuine pearls are created within clams upon the sea’s surface. An extraordinary process results in the stone we all know and love. Real pearls are extremely hard to come by, and pearls of unusual sizes are so rare, they are almost never heard of. That is why the discovery of an enormous pearl found by a fisherman from the Philippines who had been hiding it under his bed for many years could be so monumental. If proven to be authentic, the pearl could be worth upwards of $100 million!

Treasure Under the Bed

Unbeknownst to the world a possible true treasure has been hiding under the bed of a simple fisherman on the other side of the world. A 1-foot-wide, 2.2-foot-long, 75-pound pearl believed to have formed in a clam, has been kept under the bed of a fisherman in the Philippines as a good luck charm for the past decade. Unaware of its potential value, the fisherman kept it hidden for years until he needed to move it. Upon entrusting it to his aunt who works as a tourism officer, interest in the unusual specimen and its possible value began to arise.

Determining Authenticity

It is currently undetermined whether or not this colossal pearl came from an actual clam. If it turns out to be the result of a natural process, the pearl will break the record of the current titleholder of largest pearl in the world.

Largest Pearl in the World

As of now, the largest pearl in the world is the Pearl of Lao Tzu, which weighs over 14 pounds. Discovered in 1939, the pearl was valued at $93 million in 2003. This pearl was also sourced from Palawan.

Discoveries like this do not come along often, so when they do, they are quite exciting and eye opening. Even if this does not prove to be authentic, it raises awareness to the fact that we don’t know what is out there waiting to be discovered. While the majority of the world’s pearls are now cultured, there is always hope that additional sources for natural pearls will be uncovered.


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