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The Aurora Green Diamond Sold For A Record Breaking $16.8 Million

Records were shattered yesterday when the 5.03 carat Aurora Green diamond sold at auction for $16.8 million! The stone won two world auction records. One was for a record price paid for a green diamond and the second was the world record price per carat for a green diamond.

The stone garnered a price of $3.3 million per carat, which was a record-breaking price for green diamonds. Compared to the previous record holder, the 2.54 carat fancy vivid green which sold for $1.2 million per carat back in 2009, the stone realized more than double the price.

The auction itself only lasted a few minutes, but the attention the stone managed to gain was unbelievable. Christie's Asia Pacific chairman, Francois Curiel, said "Well we just had a great sale. Eighty-five million dollars (USD) changed hands in less than two days with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, with a world record price of sixteen and a half million dollars for a 5-carat green diamond. That comes to about three and a half million dollars per carat, doubling the previous price of a million and a half for another green diamond. Not as green as this one, sold a few years ago, about the same weight. So another world record price in Hong Kong." He continued o say "What is very special about green diamonds is that there are very few of them. And there are a few of them below one carat but to have a stone of five carats. I've been 47 years in this business and I have never seen one. I've never seen one which is as green as this one was. There are some brown-green, some gray-green, some sort of off-color green. But green, green like this one I have never seen."

Green stones in general, from fine intense and vivid green diamonds through to high-quality green emeralds, are on the radar of some of the biggest buyers in the market.

Though you might not be able to own the largest vivid green diamond sold as of late, there are plenty of other options available.


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